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Weight loss Whistleblower!

Graham Park has expertise and experience with weight loss, and has written his book and designed his Adventures in Weightloss plan for your benefit

7 Secrets the Weight loss industry will never tell you is an enthralling perspective on the Australian weight loss industry

Graham Park is a knowledgeable person with a special interest in nutritional and supplemental science. In his book he exposes the fraudulent behaviour of various fad diets and debunks their effectiveness based on personal exploration and research.

Graham depicts his 43 kilogram journey and exposes the hard truths of the weight loss industry

The weight loss industry exploits the hope of people who struggle with their weight by advertising ‘quick fixes’ and ‘magical solutions’. In his book Graham delves into the various ways the weight loss industry fools you into believing that starvation and fasting is the answer to weight loss.

Find a real solution to your weight problems

If you feel like you’ve tried endless fad diets and miss the taste of real food instead of meal replacements ‘7 Secrets the Weight loss industry will never tell you’ can provide the answers. Sometimes our hope for a magical solution can get the better of us, and that’s when we’re suckered in to the ploys of the weight loss industry. Graham Park will guide you through the false marketing tricks as well as provide real solutions for maintaining a healthy weight while still enjoying your life.

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