7 Secrets the Weight Loss Industry will never tell you

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Discover the truth behind the Weight Loss Hype...

In this explosive book, 7 Secrets the weight loss industry will never tell you, author Graham Park reveals the real reasons why weight loss company’s diets, pills and meal replacements don’t work.

With 4.6 million people in Australia expected to be obese by 2025, the Weight Loss Industry is experiencing absolute growth in the market place, estimated to be valued at $60 billion annually.

Did you know?

  • 6 million Australians engage the services of a weight loss industry expert each year.
  • Of these, 80% fail to follow through with a suggested program.
  • 95% of all these people regained their weight within 12 months.
    Source: Curtin University Medical Research.

In 7 Secrets the Weight Loss Industry will never tell you, Graham Park shares his extensive first hand experience, knowledge and insight about how the weight loss industry operates, what programs work, what doesn’t and why.

Park also reveals his personal weight loss journey. Amazingly, he discovered how to reclaim the body’s natural power to lose weight and in 7 Secrets reveals how the body’s natural fat burning hormones can be reactivated to burn fat and have it disappear forever.

After a 20 year battle with weight gain, repeated failures and thousands of dollars spent with experts, Park surrounded himself with health professionals outside the weight loss industry and developed a system to lose weight. He was able to lose 43 kilos in just 23 weeks…and has kept the weight off for over three years.

Park says, ‘It’s time to choose your own adventure in weight loss…how do you want it to end this time around? Losing weight can actually be an enjoyable, enriching process rather than a test of will power or temperament.’

Park is passionate about helping other people get off the merry-go-round of weight loss.

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